Get to know the Artisitic Director // Joshua Peugh


Photo taken at ReverbDance Festival in NYC. Photo by Stephanie Crousillat.

 Get to know the Artisitc Director, his inspiration, and where his training started. Introducing Joshua Peugh!  

1. How long have you been dancing for?

I started taking ballet and tap classes when I was three at Michele’s Dance Academy in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

2. Why did you start dancing?

According to my parents, I saw ‘The Nutcracker’ on the television (the version with Gelsey Kirkland and Baryshnikov) and was hooked.  

3. Who or what is your biggest dancing inspiration?

I love the feeling of erasing myself on stage. In performance I learn so much about my relationships and myself with other people. I love the experience of creating a fantasy with the audience and the other dancers. These things are what inspire me to continue creating and dancing.

4. What is your proudest dance achievement so far?

I’ve shared the stage with so many talented and authentic artists and danced so many touching works. It’s really hard to choose a specific moment I’m proud of.  The first full evening performance of DCCD in the USA was a very proud moment.

5. Tell us about your hobbies outside of dance.

I love to swim and read. As a choreographer and director it’s hard to quiet my mind. Swimming allows me to turn down my mind and simply focus on the rhythm of my arms and breathing. I read because I’ve always loved stories; I love to get lost in their fantasies.